Google Search Old Vertical Navigation

Google Testing Horizontal Menus in Search Results

Google has been continuously enhancing their Google search results by adding several new features including Knowledge Graph and a dedicated application search for Mobile, PC & Browser Apps. In addition to that, they also rolled out a complete new redesign for Google Search.

Google Search Old Vertical Navigation

One of the changes from the new design from Google was the left hand navigation menus which allowed you to search within several different Google products and also refine your search (see screenshot above). However, it looks like Google has started testing a new design which has a Horizontal menu as seen in the screenshot below.

Google Horizontal Menu Navigation

The new search results page moves the navigation below the search box and also reduces the space it used in the earlier left hand side navigation design. I found the new horizontal navigation to be more useful than the left hand side, it it worked properly that is.

Right now it looks like the horizontal navigation was rolled out accidentally because clicking on the “More down arrow key”  does not do anything. Additionally, the “Settings icon” and the “Search tools” links are broken as well.

Looking at the problems with current navigation it looks like someone just pushed the wrong button at Google However, the new navigation is definitely better and may be rolled out to users in the next weeks or so.

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