Google Testing Answering And Feedback System For Search

Google Search has been innovating with time, however, it looks like they are taking things a step further by giving users direct answers and accepting user feedback for search results. On a recent search for the Indian Rupees symbol, I saw a new prompt in the results where I was suggested the answer based on the index Google had for it.

Google Search Answers

The results had several sources which were factored by Google to display as an answer to the question. When I clicked on Show sources link, I saw a list of sources on which Google had based their answer on, as you can see below.

Google Search Answer Sources

Another interesting aspect of the new feature was that Google provided a "Feedback" option for the users to tell them whether the suggestion was right or wrong. The Feedback link only provides with a "Yes" or "No" option.

Google Search Answer Feedback

The new Answering and Feedback system that is being tested by Google might just be used to ensure the integrity of Google robots. However, it could also be part of a new Google Labs feature that is being tested out for few people right now to show answers for common questions. I could not research this further as I could not find any other search queries which were part of this search experiment yet.

I tried this combination with several other searches but could not come up with the same question, answer, suggestion option for them. Are you seeing the suggestions and feedback option too?

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