Google Street View Gets More Intrusive, Now in Parks and Historical Places

After a controversial road-trip, Google street view is now treading into parks, historical places, gardens and all sorts of public places. The street-view camera has now been mounted on a tricycle, which people are readily driving around at these places. This is one such tricycle as appears on


Given the new hierarchical level Street View just entered, I would say, Google Street view lovers are going to super-love it and those who hate it, are going berserk by now. This brings Google Street view to unexplored destinations of the digitally augmented real world. The tricycle has a camera mounted at a height of 7 feet giving it the perspective of a walking human being. This will be different from Street view cars, cameras in which are usually mounted higher up, or so it seems.

Google has hired local football players and athletes to drive around these tricycles and do its dirty work. Google was accused of collecting private user-data through Wi-Fi networks while using these cameras and it had agreed to delete the data too.

Access to public places like parks, monuments and other key locations gives Google more possibilities to explore public places. Given the fact that the Street View service is not a direct source of revenue, we should look at the brighter side and give this attempt the due respect before crying foul.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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