Google Admits Trespassing and Pays Pittsburgh Couple $1 for Street View Controversy

Google  Street View has been a bane of controversy since it launched. There have been several lawsuits and investigations against Street View in both the United States and other countries too.

In a recent court case against Google, a Pittsburgh couple claimed that Google had trespassed on their privacy by taking a photo of their house through the Street View service. However, Google was let away with an admission of guilt and $1 as compensation for the couple.

According to Associated Press, U.S. District Magistrate Judge Cathy Bissoon on Thursday signed off on a consent judgment, a mutually agreed-upon verdict, between the Mountain View, Calif. company and Aaron and Christine Boring, of Franklin Park.

Another Google product, Google Maps has also been in controversy rows several times with Google displaying incorrect borders between countries among other things. However, there was also a comical lawsuit about a woman suing Google for giving her bad directions, which was apparently thrown own.

Google was pleased with the verdict and the fact that they were only made to pay $1. However, there might be several more litigations coming their way considering how controversial their service has been. Nonetheless, the service is also very useful when it comes to finding information or navigating an area and though it is controversial it is definitely something which is really helpful for drivers.

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