Google Starred Results Replaces Searchwiki For Good
By on March 4th, 2010

Do you remember Google Search Wiki? It was a feature which allowed users to promote specific links in search result pages. SearchWiki allowed users to customize search results with their own rankings, by voting or removing links etc.

Not anymore, since Searchwiki has been replaced by a new feature called “Stars”. “Starred items” in search results makes it easier to bookmark and discover favorite links and content from the web.

Using “Stars” in search result pages is pure fun. Perform a query at Google and star a link which you think is good content.


The next time you search the same phrase on Google, the starred results appear right at the top of your results as shown below:


This is useful, because you don’t have to remember or bookmark anything. If you love “Chicken sandwhich” and search for “sandwhich recipes” on Google, chances are that you will see the relevant results which were starred some weeks ago. The starred results also sync with Google Bookmarks and if you use Google toolbar, you can quickly star items from the toolbar button.

I think Searchwiki and Starred items are good ways to organize personalized results but the latter is much smooth and easy to use. If the content is good, a user may not like to change the order of search results. Instead, he is more likely to bookmark the link for future refrence, which is why “Starred items” have replaced the Searchwiki feature.

Searchwiki fans need not worry as all the Searchwiki edits are preserved in their Google account. Please note that “Starred results” are available only when you are signed in to your Google account.

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