Google Testing A Single Column Search Layout?

Digital Inspiration is reporting that Google is testing a brand new one column layout on search result pages. Both the left and right columns have been dropped while the search options appear between the search box and the search results, as seen in the following screenshot:


Just like the previous design change of Google, there is plenty of whitespace between the results and font sizes have been reduced slightly. Here is another screenshot of regular Google search, notice that the links to view cached copies and instant previews are nowhere to be found:


From the past couple of months, Google has been heavily experimenting with the design and overall look and feel of their search result pages. Prior to the release of Google Plus and the infamous black navigation menu bar, they removed the classic I am feeling luckybutton and added support for author thumbnails next to specific results. Google claims that the series of redesign is part of their strategy to provide more focus to users, so that they can quickly find the content they are looking for.

Some users have reported that this one column search layout of Google is only visible on tablet devices e.g iPad. Its possible that Google wants to test the usability of this layout on tablet devices first and then push a global  roll out  for everyone in coming days.

And not just the layout or columns, there is another report that Google might make the navigation bar sticky. That’s right, the black menu bar will get stuck at the top of the page while search results will be plastered within an infinite scrolling section in the middle. Here is the video:

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