Google Shows Brand Suggestions in Search Result Pages
By on May 3rd, 2010

Quite some days back, Google introduced recipe rich snippets in search result pages. The recipe snippets are useful, because you can see more information regarding food recipes, user reviews, preparation time and so on.

Now Google has introduced “brand snippets” in search result pages. This means, when you search for some product, (e.g USB drives, Mp3 players) chances are that you will see links of popular brands who manufacture that product.

For example: I searched for USB drives and got the following result:

As you can see, Google shows 5 popular brands who manufacture USB drives – Kingston, Sandisk, Lexar, LG and Sony. The suggestions appear right at the top of search results, much similar to adsense link units. Clicking a suggestion takes you to the related product search page as shown below:

The official Google blog quotes:

Sometimes when searching for product information on Google, you may not know some of the brand names relevant to your particular search. For example, if you’re taking on a new river-rafting hobby, it’s quite likely you don’t have a clue about kayak manufacturers just yet. So, we wanted to make it easier for you to find the brands other people consider useful for popular product searches. So this week we launched a search refinement that calls out brand names related to your query in a single line above the rest of the results. Determined algorithmically, these highlighted brand names may help you find what you’re looking for faster, and make your research and shopping experience all the more enjoyable.

This may be useful, when you are searching for some product and want to perform a company specific search along with the generic searches. The brand searches will also help when you want to know the most popular brands who manufacture a particular product. Thanks to Google Operating System for noting the feature.

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