Google Seeks to Solve World’s Problems with Solve for X

Google has rolled out a new project called “Solve for X”. The project seeks to “amplify technology-based moonshot thinking and teamwork.” They’re looking for new ideas and new innovations that will solve some of the world’s most enigmatic problems.

Solve for X

“Solve for X” is a forum that hopes to engage individuals in a dialog to solve massive problems that our world faces. They describe the solutions they are looking for as “radical” as they state on their website:

Radical in the sense that the audaciousness of the proposals makes them sound like science fiction. And radical in the sense that there is some real technology breakthrough on the horizon to give us all hope that these ideas could really be brought to life.

Below is a small video they posted to describe their endeavor.


There are several speakers who have videos posted on this website. If you go to you can see several “moonshot” ideas. You can also view the videos on their YouTube channel at

I really like the premise of this website. To me, the internet will never reach its full potential until we are able to connect the minds of people across the globe and truly seek solutions to the challenges we face. While the internet has been great for commerce, the potential for solving problems and sharing ideas is truly its biggest asset.

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