Google Search Result Pages Soon To Get a Design Overhaul?

Looks like the Google search team is really very busy these days, rolling up updates one after another.

Just earlier yesterday, they added a small tweak to Adsense ads, showing the Advertiser URL on mouse hover.   Then there is the famous and much talked about Panda algorithmic tweak which is geared towards removing low quality sites from search results. What’s coming ? you guessed it right a redesign of Google search result pages is on it’s way.

One of my Twitter friends saw a totally revamped Google search interface this morning, with newer fonts and colors.


Observations from the above screenshot:

1. The font and color of links in Google search result pages will be the same as of the fonts and color of Google’s own links in the top bar.
2. The basic elements are all the same as before, no major changes as such with the position of search box, sidebar elements, search tools etc.
3. Google wants to increase whitespace between the target links, this is clearly illustrated by the dotted border.
4. The font color of the description snippet has changed from Black to light Grey. The color and boldness of the URL has remained the same.

The newer design of Google search result pages might be a part of usability testing so only a few people are seeing it randomly. Personally, I didn’t liked the dotted separators placed between the links but the newer fonts and colors appear more soothing and fresh.

Now if they could redesign their panda algorithm that way Smile clean away the junk and add a separator between the scrapers and legitimate sources. More updates will be posted here as and when we discover it. Stay tuned !

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