Google Search Gets Even More Personal But “Our World” Is Not Just Google Plus

That’s right, Google search results will now be accompanied by results that are more “personal” to you. This is one of the biggest changes Google has incorporated in the past couple of years and it is expected that more changes are a “work in progress”.

Search Plus your world takes personalized search results to a new level; whereby a user can get answers from not only webpages, but people with whom they are connected on Google plus, Picasa photo albums, Google Plus brand pages and more social stuff that Google offers. No Facebook, No Twitter, No Flickr – Only Google. That says something.

Here is an example where people and pages from Google Plus are highlighted on the far right of a Google search result page:


Google’s main product is acting as a “catalyst” and pushing Google Plus as far as it can. Britney spears has a verified Twitter account, a Flickr photostream and a Facebook fan page but none of them are shown. Blind eye!

“Search Plus Your World” Is Not Evil But It’s Not “Complete” Either

Some bloggers are saying that this move is not evil.  Yeah, not “so” evil but it is definitely headed towards being one. Here is why:

A search engine is like a court room where every website is treated equal in the eyes of the “law” (in this case, it is the algorithms and Google’s way of determining the relevant answer to the user’s query). But with this social mix, it appears that Google’s own properties are thrown on the face of the user.

Consider a typical Google Plus user who perform searches while he is signed into his Google account. For a “people search” query, Google Plus profiles and brand pages will be ranked higher than Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles (almost always) . I update my Twitter profile almost every day and it has been months since I even logged into my Google Plus account. But, when I perform a keyword search for my name, I see my Google Plus profile on the way top.

Why this favor? I agree that I am using “your” search engine but you are assuming that my Google Plus profile is important than my Twitter or LinkedIn profile (and hence showing it on top). Not fair mate, not fair at all!

Social data is not just about a single social networking site that “connects people”. It is “the whole thing” and unless you have the system or ability to gauge, measure and evaluate “the whole thing”, it is too early to call this change “Your World”.

“Facebook, Twitter and other services, basically, their terms of service don’t allow us to crawl them deeply and store things. Google+ is the only social network that provides such a persistent service.” Google Fellow Amit Singhal told Search Engine Land.

It’s like –“Since they are not giving us your data, we will create our own Facebook and Twitter and force you to use it sooner or later. We will plaster Google Plus in every nook and cranny , be it Google Maps, YouTube, Google Reader or Gmail, we wont stop anytime soon. We will introduce new markups that influences search results, and we will slowly use search to propel our social network, which has failed over and over and over again.”

And it sucks. Not for Google, Facebook or Twitter but for us. For the entire web.

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