Google Search Now More Dictionary Definition Friendly

Have you ever used Google to lookup meanings of words? Well, I have done it several times and have found it a bit of an hassle when it comes to searching dictionary meanings because of the way Google presented search results. However, I just came across a really awesome feature in Google Search which will make search for dictionary meanings a piece of cake.


As you can see from the screenshot above, Google Search now displays dictionary definitions more prominently and also includes options to browse on more information about the words you are searching. This is not limited to a single word and can be used for several other words as seen in the screenshot below.

This is definitely a very big improvement on what I used to see earlier and will make life easier for people who use Google to actually find definitions and meanings for words. Really very helpful. This is just one of the several improvements I have been seeing with Google Search. Earlier, Google had also introduced a Answering and Feedback system which would allow them to improve search results.

What do you think of the new Dictionary definition improvements in Google? Do you like them? Will you find it useful? Do let me know your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Google Search Now More Dictionary Definition Friendly”

  1. Its great to see that Google is always improving their search engine and making it more friendly for users to use. This is a great addition to the search engine and it makes it so much easier to find the definition of a word.

  2. Well it beats having to type out This small change does improve Google search and will keep people on Google longer instead of redirecting them to a dictionary site. As a result it gives them more chances to display ads.

  3. What a great deal of making google users lives easier!! I’ve been using google as my homepage and search engine and it has gone better for people to utilize it. People who are not so computer literate may be able to better use google with its dictionary feature. With this, people can have better understanding of the keywords they may want to know the definitions of or they’ll be able to know correct spellings of their keywords.

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