Google Testing Yet Another Design Change Of Search Result Pages

Few weeks ago we reported that Google is preparing a redesign of search result pages by trying new colors and fonts over a slightly different layout. The said changes haven’t been implemented yet but Google is indeed testing yet another minor tweak on how links appear on search result pages.


From the above screenshot, you can easily spot the differences in current and upcoming design of Google search results. Here are some noteworthy points:

  • The URL has moved up and is placed between the Title and the description snippet. Moreover, the URL appears slightly more bold than what we are used to see on search results. Not to forget that Adsense team have been experimenting with the position of URL’s on Adsense ads off late.
  • The underline has been removed from the Title of links. The underline is also not shown when you hover over a link which might mean that Google is planning to drop underlines from all organic and sponsored links on SERP’s.
  • The Cachedand similarlinks are not visible for any result, which is of course a big change. The Cachedlink shows the last cachedversion of the page, when Googlebot crawled it and fetched the page on their severs. The Similarlink shows webpages which contain content similar to the target page.I don’t know whether the final design will have them but I tried one keyword after another and the cachedand similarlinks were not shown anyway.

If Google alters the position of description snippet and the URL, I guess websites who have keyword in their domain name might get slightly better CTR. Again, nothing is final yet and I am sure they will test more iterations one after another, before rolling out the final version.


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Amit Banerjee

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