Google Search Gets A Caffeine Boost

Around 10 months ago Google launched a new algorithm for indexing content from the web named Caffeine. Now after immense testing and changes they have finally done away with the old indexing and introduced Caffeine indexing for Google Search.

Caffeine provides approximately 50% faster results than the older algorithm. The new indexing was created to tackle the advent of more videos, images, news and more importantly real-time information which appears on the web thanks to site like .


In the earlier algorithm Google refreshed the main layer every couple of weeks, however, with Caffeine Google will analyze smaller portions of the web and update information on a continuous basis.

Google Caffeine analyzes hundreds of thousands of every second, which means that content will be discovered much faster than it was originally done. So the next time you use Google Search expect fresher content to be displayed to you quicker than what you were accustomed to.

For more information on this you can check out our earlier post on Caffeine or visit the Official Google Blog post here.

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