Google Testing Full Page Previews in Search Results

Google has been trying to make search more simpler for users. Last month they announced which was a new feature in Google Search that allowed users to search without using keyboards, in-fact Google Instant also guessed your search queries before you could complete typing it.

Google Search Page Previews

Today, Blog Strom spotted another feature in Google Search where full page previews of the search results were displayed to the users. Another interesting in the new search preview is that, Google highlights certain sections of the page which contain text relevant to your search term.

The new search previews is somewhat similar to the new Google Image search, where you can preview the full image and then click on it to go through to the page.

Additionally Google is also testing displaying results from the same website without indenting it. So if you are searching for a brand, you would see search results from them as different entries instead of one.

Having a search results preview would definitely be useful, since it would allow users to quickly scan through a page to see whether or not it is relevant to them before actually clicking through and visiting them. However, it would be important for webmasters to see how they display the previews since they might incur reduced pageviews and advertising revenues if the users don’t click through to the site.

(Blog Strom via Techmeme)

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