Google Now Shows Flight Results in Search

It was just a few days ago that Google acquired ITA software. Keith Dsouza covered this news earlier stating,

Google just got into the travel industry by acquiring a Boston based company called ITA, which specializes in organizing airline data, flight times, availability and prices. With this acquisition Google might be looking to build a more robust and useful travel search engine where they could also possibly make more money through the medium.

It did not take long for his predictions to come true and within a week of the acquisition, Google has started showing flight results data in search.

To search for any flight for a day, you need to use the abbreviation for the airlines and the flight number. The result is shown as:


This might be the first step to a series of changes that are yet to come. Google might start displaying and providing comparative analysis of airfares as well.

Update: This feature competes directly with Search for Flight Status.

4 thoughts on “Google Now Shows Flight Results in Search”

  1. This feature has existed since before the acquisition agreement. It was mentioned on the investor call on Thursday. There will be no collaboration between ITA and Google until the acquisition is completed, until then it's only an agreement and they remain two seperate companies.

  2. Seems to me that Google has been adding new features every now and then, and they've really done a great job of adding some neat functions, and I've always taken advantage of their conversion factors to name one of their features. Conversions such as simple metrics, or even currency conversions! Google just continues to amaze me, with it's small details, that go along way!

    Till then,


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