Google Says Meta Keywords Are Useless

Google Says Meta Keywords Are Useless

If you have been a SEO or have at-least been doing some SEO for your website or blog for a long time you might already know that Google ignores meta keywords.

The Google Webmaster blog today made a official announcement stating that they do not consider meta keywords, doing away with a very old SEO myth that keywords can help you gain more traffic.

This is done for obvious reasons as many SEO consultants started spamming search engines by adding spam keywords to webpages. If you have been thinking that adding keywords is going to help you, you know now that is practically useless.

Watch a video where Google webspam head talks about the meta keywords and why Google does not consider them.

For a complete list of meta tags that Google supports visit the meta tags webmaster help page.

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  • Google may meta keywords, but other search engines do not. Also, if the keywords are used as hyperlinked tags while being used as meta keywords (they should still be limited to 10), they are processed along with content.

    The Gooblebot can still tell it’s keyword stuffed content, so I wouldn’t recommend trying to do that.

  • I still find it hard to believe it.. Though if its not true.. Another possibility is keyword frequency in post matters..
    Last time I wrote an article on Online avatar and I focused on no. of keyword repetition and its frequence and with in hour I was on the first page for that keyword…

    Any ways.. I will still prefer including meta keywords.. FOr other search engines like yahoo and Bing.