Google Revamps Homepage To a More Minimalist Design

Google is famous for experimenting with their home page design. The most recent update is the “fade-in” effect just rolled out by Google.

Visitors to Google home page would now only see the Google logo and the search box. Links to all the other Google services such as Gmail, Images, Settings e.t.c. would only appear when the user moves his mouse. This is being called the “Fade-in” effect. Google claims this will help people concentrate on their search efforts and only make visible the other components if the user needs them.

The goal here, like Google says, is to let the home page be used more efficiently. Do you think this strategy would help users or create more confusion?

3 thoughts on “Google Revamps Homepage To a More Minimalist Design”

  1. I don't think it's really so much a matter of helping users. It's more of an aesthetics preference. I think it's awesome. I prefer the clean, minimalist design. That's what attracted me to Google way back in 1996/7 whenever. I know where the links are if I want to get to them.

  2. Its not going to help users in anyway and neither is it going to confuse. When the user moves his mouse its is going to fade in anyway. And definitely its not saving bandwidth or anything. All I can think of is that its a business strategy. To make bloggers and users talk more about them. Maybe they will then index all articles and such as this and see how much of change coverage they have! :P

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