Google Releases Analytics Blocking Add-on For Browsers

Google has been taking privacy issues quite seriously these days. One of the biggest issues users face while visiting websites is that their visit are tracked back and stored, and Google itself leads the pack in web analytics tracking with their own Google Analytics software.

However, starting today, paranoid users who do not want their information to be collected by Google Analytics will be able to do so by installing a browser add-on, available for Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Once a user install this add-on the information from their visit on any site that uses Google Analytics to track users will not be tracked. Whether this is a good move or not is beyond me, as webmasters often use analytics data to track how many users are visiting a site or a post and plan things accordingly.

If every user out there starts installing the add-on Google Analytics in itself would become redundant, however, as a webmaster I can say that usually no one looks at personally identifiable information available through the web statistics program and many are only interested in tracking hits and so on.

What do you think about this move from Google? Does it make sense to you?

More info at the official Google Policy blog.

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