Google Related Is Your New Browsing Assistant, But She Works Only In Google Chrome And Internet Explorer

Google has just unveiled Google Related – a new tool which lets you discover useful and interesting content while you browse the web. Right after they killed Google Toolbar for Firefox 5 and future versions, this new feature is exclusive to Google Chrome and Internet Explorer only.

Here is how Google related works from your browser.

When you visit a website, Google related scans the content of the current page and offers contextually related content in the Google related toolbar. A thin bar will appear at the bottom of the browser, suggesting news, images, YouTube videos, blogs and other useful content that Google thinks might interest you. These suggestions are real time in nature and they will change when you navigate from one page to another page.

For example: If you are reading a page on Wikipedia, Google related will show you videos, photos from Google image search and   webpages which has similar content. You can watch the videos without having to leave the page so this feature acts more like an assistant, which algorithmically predicts the type of content which might interest you and shows the same at the bottom of the page.


Oh and you also need to grab the Google related extension for Chrome or get Google toolbar for Internet Explorer, either one is mandatory for the service to work.

Google has been increasingly focusing on user satisfaction these days. Google Instant pages, Instant previews, Google Plus, algorithmic improvements in search everything is part of Google’s strategy to improve the overall user experience of users. After refining the improvements at the searchlevel, I guess Google wants to bring the same experience at the browser level. The by-products are already here Google Instant pages, which speeds up web browsing and Google related, which offers contextual content relevant to the page you are viewing.

Google has all the data about the pages you are visiting from Google Chrome. Coupled with Google related, Chrome Data and your Google Plus stream data, they can easily figure out which pages satisfy you the most and which sites you visit frequently. It won’t be surprising if Google eventually starts showing updates and posts from your Google Plus stream in the Google related bar. After all, Google is going The Social way’ these days.

Firefox and Opera users are out of luck.

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