Google Recovers Search Share From Bing

Over the last few months , the decision making search engine from Microsoft has been poaching search market share from both and Google Search.


It looks like the high tide has finally reached its peak. According to StatCounter, a online statistics measuring service, Bing’s market share in US dropped by over 1% from 8.51% to 9.64% in September 2009. Microsoft’s new search partner Yahoo also shed more than 1% going down from 10.50% to 9.40%.

Google search on the other hand was a big gainer. Google’s search market share went up from 77.83% to 80.08%. It also has a global market share of over 90%.

The statistics have been collected using more than 4.6 billion search engine clicks on sites that are tracked by StatCounter. US traffic accounts for over 1.1 billion of those clicks.

Does this mean that Bing has peaked? Maybe. Bing’s search market share has been gradually declining since mid-August. This suggests that the initial hype is now fading and people are now looking for some real search resultsinstead of all the fun and fancy results.

Did you make a switch from Bing to Google? Do you still use Bing? Do tell us your thoughts and views about this.

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