Looking To Make That Perfect Biryani? Google Is Here To Help

For those who don’t know what a Biryani means, it is a famous rice dish from South Asia which contains different spices and ingredients with either meat, fish, eggs or vegetables. Biryani is prepared in several different ways. Wikipedia may be able to explain it better. Understanding what a Biryani is easy, but cooking it is not.

Chicken Biryani

I must admit that I cook a lot at home, but more often than not I rely on Google for finding recipes, because keeping a cookbook is just so 1990s. However, earlier finding proper recipes for the ingredients I had was a bit of a pain.


Google has decided to put me out of my misery by introducing a new recipe search which will allow users like me to quickly find recipes and also narrow them down to ingredients that we currently have at hand. In addition to the ingredients you can also narrow down searches to cooking time and the calories you want to consume. So if you want to whip up a quick dish in 10 minutes, Google can help you find the right recipe.

I find this feature extremely useful considering how many time I end up on Google to search for recipes, however, I don’t see it being integrated as part of regular Google search right now. Hopefully, it should be rolled out as part of it soon.

To try out recipe search, head over to http://www.google.com/landing/recipes/ and search for your favorite dish. The service is currently being rolled out to U.S. and Japan users with more countries coming up in the future.

So what is your favorite dish? Do you really on search engines to find your recipes. Do let me know about it. Happy Cooking.

Watch a video of Google Recipe Search in action below. Click here if you can’t see it.

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