Google Reader To Get A Refreshing Look And Easier Content Sharing With Google Plus Circles

After Google search, Google reader will soon get into the swag of Google Plus magic.

The search giant is preparing a complete design overhaul of Google Reader, one of the most popular online RSS reading hubs on the web. Google reader will follow the footsteps of Gmail, Google Maps, Blogger and other Google products which were recently redesigned on the idea that every Google product must work closely to push their latest gig Google Plus.

Google emphasizes on the social aspect by quoting the statement making Google reader more social in the coming days. Well, Google reader already has a semi-social feature labeled Follow peoplewhich is not used so widely. Shared items, bundles, friending other readers and following stories inside Google reader is possible but I doubt how many of us use them actually.

Google has decided to retire these features from Google reader and integrate Google Plus sharing activity right within Google Reader, so you can quickly share content with specific friends (read circles) over at Google Plus. If you don’t want to lose your starred items, likes, friends, subscriptions and shared stuff, you should export them from Google Reader settings as an OPML file. Google isn’t saying when the new Google Reader will be debuted but looking at the speed of overhauling their products, I think it should arrive within next week or so.


One Feature In Google Reader I am Dying To See

Keyword filter.

Save me, and save those thousands of news junkies out there!

Keyword filter in Google reader is the need of the hour. The web is already exploding with huge amount of information and following news sources becomes impossible after some time, thanks to 16 Bin Laden stories being published within 30 minutes. Most bloggers and reporters re-blog the samething, there should be a way to cut through the noise and filter items that I really want to read.

Example: The other day iPhone 4S came out and my Google reader was exploding with rehashed copies of the same story. iPhone 4S getting released, press release notes, specifications and so on. I don’t want to read it at all and there is no way I can filter items surrounding iPhone 4S and mark all of them as read. There is a handy Greasemonkey script for the same but it is just a workaround and not out of the box. An option to automatically ignore stories based on keywords will save more than 30 minutes of my reading time. Every single day!

Actually, I am more than happy that they are not hammering down the product, just like other Google services.

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