Google Reader Play Allows Users To Visually Browse RSS Feeds

I am a big fan of Google Reader, thanks to it’s simplicity and the ability to access the same feeds from wherever I want. However, how about adding some Zing to the feed reader?

Google Reader Play

Google Reader Play is a new feature which will allow you to browse RSS feeds visually through a feed slideshow. Google Reader Play provides users with an option to browse interesting stuff on the web, which is personalized to a user’s liking.

Reader Play also allows you to star items, which will then allow Google to display more items which match your tastes. Users can also browser their current subscriptions in Google Reader Play, by clicking on the arrow appearing next to the folder or RSS feed in the sidebar and selecting "View in Reader Play"


According to the Google Reader engineer, Google Reader Play is not a replacement for Google Reader, it is just a fun way to browser through interesting content in RSS feeds. Users can also access a Reader Play by visiting

What do you think about Google Reader Play? Will you use it to browse RSS feeds? Do let me know through your comments.

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