Google Reader Gets Recommendations And Drag And Drop

I was just skimming through my feeds and noticed a new announcement come through about few new changes that are being rolled out to Google Reader. Google Reader team has announced two brand new features to help you get more information based on your feeds and also to allow you to easily re-organize the subscriptions inside your folders.

Here are the two new features that you will in Google Reader.


Google Reader now has a new discovery page which will show you recommendations based on your current subscriptions and also based on your web history (subject to you using the service of course). The web history consists of both your bookmarks as well as your search history.

You can view the recommendations by visiting the Discovery page.

Organize Subscriptions in Folders 

You can now drag and drop to rearrange subscriptions between folders. This will help you rearrange feeds as per your priority and not as per you subscribed to it.


My 2 cents

Overall I liked the recommendations feature as it showed me websites that I would prefer to subscribe to, the drag and drop feature looks good too as it allows me to arrange in which order I want to read the feeds.

There is lot more to be done yet and I get frequently bombarded with the "There is some error" message every day. This needs to be fixed though as I have to read duplicate entries when this happens.

What do you think about Google Reader? Do you use any other feed reader? Do let me know through your comments, I am looking out to try new services.

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7 thoughts on “Google Reader Gets Recommendations And Drag And Drop”

  1. I am yet to try the recommendations feature but the drag & drop organization is a real biggie for me! When I wanted to make some major revamp (I do this often :-) ), I just exported the xml file to Akregator and did the organization there and just re-imported the new OPML file into Google Reader! This is going to be awesome for me!

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