Google Reader Adds Auto-Translation Tools

There are many times when you may want to subscribe to feeds in a non-English language, but may not do so due to lack of translations required to read those feeds.

If you are a Reader user, there is something to rejoice about, since Google Reader now provides users with auto-translation of feeds on the fly.

The reader translation is another 20% project where Google allows its engineers to use 20% of their time to work on projects unrelated to work, that they love.

The 20% projects have definitely seen a lot of new features added to various Google products including which has had a barrage of new features added over the past couple of months.

To enable automatic translation for any feed, select feed settings and click on Translate into my language


Once you have selected the option for a feed, Google Reader will automatically translate the feed to the language you have selected in the settings. Google Reader supports translation to and from the the languages available for translation in Google Translate.

One thought on “Google Reader Adds Auto-Translation Tools”

  1. My experience is that the translator is awkward, at best. I can usually get a general sense of what the article means, but it’s by no means a direct/perfect translation.

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