Google Quietly Acquires Mike and Maaike; Why?

In a recent article by Bloomberg Businessweek, it has been revealed that Google has acquired Mike and Maaike, a San Francisco based design studio. The financial terms of the deal haven’t been disclosed.

The report by Businessweek also reveals some cool facts like Google-Motorola deal took less than a week from draft stage to being signed. It also reports that current the Apple CEO Tim Cook tried to poach Motorola Mobility’s newly appointed CEO Dennis Woodside. However, Google CEO Larry Page promised grater responsibility Dennis Woodside at that time.

Coming back to the quiet acquisition, Mike and Maaike’s portfolio interestingly includes first Android phone to enter the market, HTC G1. The design studio has also worked with Microsoft to design XBOX 360.

Why is this important?

When Google first agreed to acquire Motorola Mobility, it was slapped with antitrust questions from all parts of the technology world and is still getting slapped. The deal made current Android OEMs wary of the merger. However, Google promised that it will never give preferential treatment to Motorola for manufacturing Android handsets so much that Google has also promised to keep Motorola Mobility as a separate entity.

However, Mike and Maaike’s acquisition says a different story. Google, with zilch experience in Hardware and customer care, seems to be heading towards it goal for delivering a full fledged in-house mobile/tablet hardware to the market. Now, with its  ability to design, code, manufacture and market it is definitely keeping higher aspirations like that of Apple.

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