Google Acquires Twitter; Google Ads Coming In Your Timeline Soon

Google was interested in buying since a very long time. However, the deal fell through and they weren’t able to buy them out the last time. Google was still interested in what Twitter had to offer though and they entered into a separate deal with Twitter where they paid Twitter millions of dollars just to get access to tweets for their Real-time search.

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Earlier today, Twitter rolled out a new change to their in which they got rid of the #Dickbar. However, that move was more of an exciting new deal Twitter made with Google rather than soothing it’s irate users.

A Google and Twitter spokesperson spoke to us on the condition of anonymity stating that the app was updated because Google had finalized a deal with Twitter where they will purchase them. The deal is set to be announced tomorrow.

According to the deal, Google will take over Twitter’s advertising platform and start displaying ads on the Twitter web interface while inserting relevant ads in users timelines for updates they see on the web and on their devices.

Though the Google AdSense ads on the site will not annoy users, the ads in users timeline will more likely than not annoy users to no end. There are also plans to send advertising to users who subscribe to Twitter through SMS, furthering the anger among people. Both Google and Twitter are working hard to make the new experience as good as they can, but considering the backlash Twitter got for the #Dickbar, this is sure to escalate to a higher level.

It is being said that Jack Dorsey was brought back as the Executive Chairman of Twitter for specifically finalizing this deal with Google. Though the actual amount of the acquisition is not known, but it is said to be close to $2.5 billion which is more than what Google paid for and a little less than what they paid for their DoubleClick acquisition.

Further details on the deal are not yet available. However, we will keep you updated once we learn more from the official announcement tomorrow.

So what do you think of this announcement? Would you like to see relevant ads in your timeline or do you think that this is another #dickbar move? Do you think Twitter should have sold to Google after staying independent for so long?

P.S. Don’t believe what you read on the Internet and Newspapers today. Happy April Fool’s Day from the Techie Buzz staff.

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