Google Announces $10 Million For Project 10^100 Winners, Khan Academy Wins

Google is not always evil, and they do have several projects which involve giving back to the society. One of them was the Project 10^100 where they invited people to share ideas which would change the world.


Today, Google announced the $10 million to the winners of the 10^100 project. They selected 16 big ideas from over 150,000 entries. One of the winners of the project was Khan Academy, a academy run by a single person which provides content online for free.

We had covered Khan Academy in the past, highlighting how it helped 200,000 students a month by allowing them to learn Science and Match on . Khan Academy will get $2 million from Google to support creation of more courses.

In addition to that, several other organizations won including FIRST a non-profit organization for Science and Engineering education, which won $3 million; Public.Resource.Org which strives to make Government more transparent and African Institute for Mathematical Sciences which provides quality education to African students among others.

You can find more information on the winners of Project 10^100 at the Official Google Blog.

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