Google Rebrands Android Market as Google Play

Google has rebranded the Android Market as Google Play. Android Market started out offering apps and games, but had since expanded to a lot of other stuff like ebooks, music and videos as well. Apparently, Google finds the term “Android Market” too narrow, and hopes to change that with “Google Play”.

With Google Play, Google is trying to create a unified marketplace for all content, including apps, games, music, movies, books, etc.

Google Play

While the core Android Market offering has been a huge success, Google’s music and ebook offerings haven’t seen much traction yet. Now, by bundling everything in a single service, Google is trying to leverage the momentum and popularity of Android Market to boost usage of its other offerings.

Google Play will compete primarily with iTunes, and will be a major part of Google’s content strategy. It will work with all Android devices and can also be accessed directly through the web. Users can purchase movies, music or ebooks without the need for an Android device, and their purchased content will be stored in the cloud.

Movies and Music don’t seem to be available currently in some countries like India, probably due to content license restrictions. Hopefully, Google will do a global rollout soon.

Check out Google Play at Google Play Store

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