Google Plans To Launch An App Store

Following the rage of app stores, Google announced it would open another one focusing on Google Apps. This would probably be the first app store not focusing on a mobile device and geared towards enhancing web services already being offered by Google. These web services such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Books and more, can use a lot of third party applications to provide more integrated services and enhanced features. The apps would be directed more towards enterprise users who can pay a small premium to utilize these apps.

Google already has something similar in place called Google Marketplace Solutions, but the upcoming app store would be a revamped version featuring more apps. The store would be launched as soon as March 2010 and would allow Google to keep a cut of the price customers pay for premium apps. In addition to increasing revenue directly, the store will tremendously help Google fight Microsoft applications by offering a broader range of features.

Along with other things, this app store will also make users more vulnerable to security issues since third party apps may not be as reliable as Google’s own services. Google estimates that currently 2 million businesses are using free or paid versions of Google apps.

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