Google Planning on TV Search?

Google is probably about to start a new feature of TV search which will allow viewers to search for Youtube videos and movies over the Internet right through their TV sets. The new service is being tested on Dish Network through its satellite TV connection.

Reporting this event, the Wall Street Journal, writes,

The service—which runs on TV set-top boxes using elements of Google’s Android operating system—allows users to search content from Dish as well as other Web video, like YouTube, and to personalize a lineup of shows, according to these people.

In recent surveys, it has been seen that there are at least 27% of TV viewers in the US who are connected to the Internet and around 5% of them are viewing videos on Youtube. This being true, the feature of Youtube on TV will be quite appealing to many people.

Google started this test last year with families of employees and has moved on to public testing now.

There are two driving factors behind this new development. First, Google sees a new ad platform in the form of TV ads. This will simply bring in more business for Google. Secondly, this move comes as a reply to competition, given that Apple and Microsoft are already offering similar services through their own devices.

For more details, check the report at WSJ.

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