Google Launches Site To Teach Technology To Your Parents

A few years ago when I left for the United States, I started teaching my mom to use the computer and use basic tools like the web browser and instant messenger so that she could email or chat with me.

Parents Tech Support Site from Google

However, since then there have been several times when either she or my dad had problems with the PC and had to call someone to fix it. Some of these problems were really small and could probably have been solved without any help, however, teaching it to them was quite difficult if not impossible.

I think that there might several other children who have gone through these experiences including many Googlers who have now launched a site called where they allow kids to teach their parents technology by sending basic how-to videos to them. It is not just limited to parents and can be used for any person who isn’t that technically savvy.

Google Care Package

Right now Google has over 50 videos which teach people things as basic as copy & paste, sharing files online, sending emails, changing and taking screenshots among other things. So the next time someone asks you about such things, you can just create a Care package and send it along to them so that they can easily learn to do things.

I just wished that they had done this few years ago so that I could send it to my parents Smile. However, I seriously think that they don’t need any help now and can manage everything on their own.

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