Google PageRank Update This Weekend?

There is a buzz doing rounds that Google PageRank update will be done this weekend, apparently the buzz was fueled by a comment Matt Cutts made on one of his blog posts. Excepts from the comment:


Cool. But I was noticing a lot of sites are bouncing around PR wise. Is there a new PR update taking place?

Last time you told us. I guess it’s no big deal, but is how I gauge whether Google trusts me or not!

Matt’s reply was what gave out a hint that the PR update is coming this weekend.

Dave, we’re 1/365th of the way there! :)

panzermike, I wouldn’t be surprised if new PageRank started showing up this weekend or so.

So are we going to see PageRank updates coming this weekend? Only time will tell, are you excited about this? What are your expectations for this PR update?

3 thoughts on “Google PageRank Update This Weekend?”

  1. Keith

    Google recently updated as I noticed while monitoring my new urls. Last month I changed permalink structure of my site using permalink migration plugin. Now, I got those PR back. I did not see any changes of my main url. Thank for write up.

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