Google PAC-MAN Firefox Bug Was Actually CoolPreviews Fault

Ok I might have been going on and on about the Google PAC-MAN Doodle, however, earlier today I wrote a post about fixing the continuous PAC-MAN music playing in Firefox and wanted to add in some final clarifications to it.

Many users may have thought that the bug was actually because of Google, however, the folks behind CoolPreviews, which was causing the issue have now clarified through a comment that the issue was actually on their end.

Here is what the Cool Previews team had to say about the issue (emphasis added by me):

So What Happened?
The bug came about through today’s Google’s homepage, which automatically starts a Pac Man game after 5 seconds. We had an old line of code from an experimental build that would load up the Google homepage in the background. We have now removed that code. Previously, Google did not have any music on their page. So, obviously, today’s debut Google’s mighty ghosts of Pac-Man really gobbled us up!

Again, we apologize for the craziest bug we’ve ever experienced! Super thanks to all our users for hanging in there!

For now disabling the plugin on Firefox or updating the plugin to the newer version will solve the issue. Hope this puts an end to this issue once and for all :-).

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  • Jack

    Thanks, I shortly figured out updating coolpreviews would fix this bug however it was after 10 hours of laptop lockdown as I thought it was the pac man virus I came to no virus or spyware related to it so I said fek it got on firefox and updated everything by mistake and wahlaaa problem fixed. This should helps lots more people nice going

  • mikoollowrentow

    Well, as much as I love cool previews AND Firefox, I'm a little pissed off! I just went down and purchased $70.00 worth of new virus protection today at the nearest BestBuy because of this stupid pacman bug. Already uninstalled my old protection so I had no choice but to use the new one and now I can't return it. Now I get to live off of mac & cheese for the rest of the month. Real nice people….real nice.

  • danamo51

    I do not use Cool Preview or Firefox, just plain old IE without any add-on crap. The annoying pacman sound started right away and going to another website didn't stop it. I had to shut of my computer's sound altogether, and finally to reboot the computer to get rid of it.

    So what if Google finally added a mute button or if someone came up with a fix? None of this nuisance would have been necessary if Google just stuck to being a search engine instead of an entertainment website.