Google Orkut Brazil Blog Hacked?

The Official Orkut Brazil blog was apparently hacked by someone with the hacker leaving some html pages which contained malware on the site. Orkut is one of the most popular social networking site in Brazil and India with millions of users using it every day.

According to Google Discovery (translated), some pages on the official Orkut Brazilian blog were displaying some weird content as seen in the screenshot below.


The layout of the page was not in line with other blog which you will see at and also displayed a hotmail ID instead of a Gmail ID. However, they also discovered a page on the blog which was hosting and distributing malware on the site.


The page was finally cleaned up around 2 hours after it was posted on Google Discovery and currently the URL throws a 404 error. Not much information is available right now and Google has not made it clear as to how the user was able to attack their servers or add malware pages to it. We will update this post when new information becomes available.

Image Courtesy: Google Discovery

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