Google Opens Up On Search Quality and Measures

I was very surprised and happy to read the new blog post about Google Search Quality on the Official Google Blog.

The blog post talks about the Search Quality team which are the people who bring us quality results for every search we make with the Google Search Engine.

The heart of the group is the team that works on core ranking. Ranking is hard, much harder than most people realize. One reason for this is that languages are inherently ambiguous, and documents do not follow any set of rules. There are really no standards for how to convey information, so we need to be able to understand all web pages, written by anyone, for any reason. And that’s just half of the problem. We also need to understand the queries people pose, which are on average fewer than three words, and map them to our understanding of all documents. Not to mention that different people have different needs. And we have to do all of that in a few milliseconds.

The most famous part of our ranking algorithm is Google Search Quality,Google,Google Search