Not Even a Day since Google Launched Offers, And It is Already Facing a Lawsuit!
By on April 23rd, 2011

Google Offers is a deals service from Google offering discounts of 50% or more on prices. Google has taken a stand against Groupon with this launch, as Groupon generates the maximum buzz in this space as of now. Though, it is worth a note that Google Offers is not fully and formally launched yet, and it is already facing a lawsuit.


Walker Digital ,a reputed R&D lab is suing major tech companies on their use of Walker patented technologies. It has already sued a multitude of tech giants including Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay and Apple on similar location based charges. Additionally, Walker Digital also sued Facebook over its friending technology. The entire lawsuit is available on Scribd here.

Walker Digital v Google

Google is being sued for four patent infringements which include,

  • Settlement systems and methods wherein a buyer takes possession at a retailer of a product.
  • Systems and methods wherein a buyer purchases a product at a first price and acquires.
  • Purchasing systems and methods wherein a buyer takes possession at a retailer of a product.
  • Purchasing, redemption and settlement systems and methods wherein a buyer takes possession at a retailer.

Walker Digital appears to be a reputed R&D firm. Jay Walker from Walker Digital has also featured on TED. It will be interesting to see how this lawsuit shapes up for Google and others involved.

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  • gary trebolo

    whats wrong with a little competition ,whats happening to free enterprise.customers need a choice i say nation wide ban or boycott on walker digital you shouldn’t be able to patent ways of doing sales and marketing..are gift certificates and coupons covered under these patients

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