Google Offers Accepting Subscriptions for Portland, NY and San Francisco

Speculation about Google’s own Groupon-like portal have been going around ever since Groupon rejected the $5.3 Billion offer made by Google. These rumors were later confirmed when some users spotted placeholder pages for the URL

Today, Google is taking the much anticipated service one step closer to launch by starting a BETA service for the cities of Portland, San Francisco and New York. Even though all you can do right now is subscribe to receive emails for offers related to one of these cities, the message posted on the page confirms that Google Offers would be something very similar to Groupon in terms of its features:

Once signed up, Google sends you a confirmation email saying:

Thanks for subscribing to Google Offers BETA – NYC Midtown! We’re excited that you’ve joined us as we partner with some of the best local businesses in your area to bring you great deals at 50% off or more.

Once Google Offers is available in NYC Midtown we’ll send you regular emails letting you in on amazing offers in your area.

We’ll be in touch.

-The Google Offers Team

Google is also accepting submissions from local business who want to partner up with Google to offer their products:

An interesting thing is that Google Offers displays a zoomed-in map of the city you are subscribing for. This can definitely be an indication towards a strong integration of Google Maps and more location based features then sites like Groupon and LivingSocial currently offer.


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