Google Working on a $200 Android 4.0 Tablet?

It was revealed last month that Google was working on a new Nexus tablet powered by Android, which would be of the highest quality, according to a statement by Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google.

Despite being launched more than a year ago, Google hasn’t yet managed to gain much market share in the tablet space like it did in the smartphone market. Apple’s iPad still remains the best tablet money can buy, and dominates the tablet market by a wide margin.

Almost all the Android tablets released to date have been relative flops compared to the iPad. This is precisely why Google may have decided to take matters in its own hands, and show its device partners how it’s done. Until now, speculation has been that Google planned to target the Apple iPad with its Nexus tablet.

However, a new report by Digitimes suggests that Google may actually be going after the Amazon Kindle Fire – the most popular Android tablet by sales – with its Nexus tablet. Apparently, Google is working on a budget Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet priced below $200, to take on the Kindle Fire.

If Google does manage to create a good device at this price point, it should be able to grab market share from Apple quite easily. However, it will also alienate its own device partners, who will have to drop prices too, and still may not be able to compete with Google itself.

Google may also launch two tablets – a budget one to compete with the Kindle Fire, and a high-end one to take on the iPad.

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