Google News Gets a Redesign, More Customizability on its Way

Google News Gets a Redesign, More Customizability on its Way

Google has made some changes to the official Google News homepage and is aiming for a better customizable and shareable experience for its customers. The new interface aims to bring up exclusives and unique stories to notice and improve the Google News experience, which was going downhill because of its automated nature.

The Official Google Blog remarks on this change saying,

There’s an old saying that all news is local. But all news is personal too—we connect with it in different ways depending on our interests, where we live, what we do and a lot of other factors. Today we’re revamping the Google News homepage with several changes designed to make the news that you see more relevant to you.

One primary change appears as the inclusion of the new sidebar, which is the one we see in Google search currently. Your homepage news content can be personalized and they are calling this feature “News For You”. News sources can be rated as high or low affecting their appearance and positioning in your personalized News page.

Keyboard shortcuts have made life easier while using Gmail and Google Reader. Now, it comes to Google News as well. Apart from that, there are some new sharing options for Twitter, Facebook etc.

The update is US only currently and will be made available across other areas in the next few days. See the video below to know more.

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  • st68

    new google news is horrible — requires a LOT more scrolling, for example.

    don't like spotlight taking up most of a column (not interested in most of those articles).

    the stuff on right hand column is now just a distraction.

    liked the flip on the bottom — could ignore it usually, but would use it when I had time. Now flip is right in the middle using up valuable pixels.

  • Angry User

    And Google has completed the Moron Trifecta for 2010!

    1) Buzz forced on all GMail users, without a working opt-out button.

    2) Pictures on the homepage forced on all users, without a working opt-out button.

    3) New Google News format, roundly panned by testers, forced on all users, without a working opt-out button.

    Remember when Google was sane and intelligent? You know, 1996-2009?

  • Joe

    I tested Google News back in February :) LOL

    I bet you want to know what's next? :)