Google News adds Browse Mode For Archived Newspapers

Do you know that you can read old newspapers online? With Google news, reading old newspapers is as quick as opening the news archive search page and picking the newspaper you want to read.

Today, Google news team has added a new feature which lets you read old newspapers in “Browsed mode”. This will let you view other editions of that same newspaper, if available.

For example: Here is an article published on Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on July 21,1969 about Man’s first step on the moon. Google news has archived this version and if you want to read other editions of the same newspaper, click “Browse this newspaper” as shown below:


This will open a new page consisting of all the other versions of the newspaper found in Google news archive. If a version is not available, you will be shown an empty column as shown below:


The feature added is quite useful, as you can see all the versions of a particular newspaper at one place. Archiving all the older versions would take some time and you might not get results for a particular date. Here is an interesting forum discussion related to Google news archives. Thanks SeoRoundtable.

2 thoughts on “Google News adds Browse Mode For Archived Newspapers”

  1. I can't seem to print an article about my mother published in 1938, and would like to have it as part of a family tree. How could i print this on my ibook G4? i don't want the whole newspaper, just a paragraph?

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