Google’s Share Price Touches $600 Again

Google had a great quarter this time and that is definitely looking good for them and their share holders alike. The price for Google has touched $600 again. Though this is not their peak, it is definitely bound to grow in next few weeks.

Google NASDAQ:GOOG Share Price


Google is now closing on the $200 billion market capitalization and are currently behind Microsoft (MSFT – 220B) and Apple (AAPL – 283B). Out of these three companies Apple has grown the most in the past year and recently overtook Microsoft in market capitalization in May, 2010.

One thought on “Google’s Share Price Touches $600 Again”

  1. I really think Google’s profits and share price will in time fall. When you think about their business model it is on the road to self destruction – mainly because it won’t be economical for many businesses to get a return on their investment, when the cost per click on most of their keywords now exceeds say $1.00.


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