Google May Finally See a Patent Win with Motorola Against Apple

Google may have acquired Motorola primarily for its patent portfolio, but it didn’t seem like the purchase was helping it much, with Motorola struggling with its own issues. However, it seems that Google may finally have scored a small victory through Motorola, against Apple, which was found to have violated one patent related to 3G.

Motorola had filed a lawsuit alleging infringement of four patents by Apple. An ITC Judge stated that while Apple didn’t infringe on three related to Wi-Fi, application tracking and proximity sensors, it did infringe on one, which helps eliminate noise and boost 3G signals.

Apple recently lost its own ITC case, through which it was trying to have imports of Motorola’s Android devices blocked.

Motorola seems to be having a lot of luck lately, if not in the smartphone market then at least in the patent arena. It recently won a case against Microsoft, which was found to be infringing on 4 Motorola patents relating to Wi-Fi and video decoding on the Xbox.

However, it’s going to take a lot more than just a couple of lawsuits to justify Google’s purchase of Motorola, which not only cost it $12.5 billion, but also led to the alienation of other Android device makers, who may now be gravitating to other platforms.

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