Google Mobile Services in China Moved to Partially Blocked Category

We had earlier covered Google’s decisions on China and the outcomes of this event. Now, Google has started serving partially blocked mobile content in China.  A detailed availability of different services from Google is available at this page. This follows the Google decision to redirect visitors of the Google China homepage to the uncensored Google Hong Kong domain of

Google has not made itself completely unavailable in China. Some of the services are still available at different levels, marked as having no issues, partially blocked, blocked or information available. The decision to serve mobile content as “partially blocked” was made on the 28th of March at the official update page.

Alan Davidson, director of U.S. public policy for Google  responded on this redirection saying,

We have already seen intermittent censorship of certain search queries on both and

Google is struggling hard to maintain its position, authority and integrity after leaving China. Moving out of such a huge market with an  enormous  potential upsets many key people but Google has the guts to raise a voice against a bully.

China, on the other hand is still clinging to comments like,

Google has violated the written promise it made when entering the Chinese market by stopping filtering its searching service and making thinly veiled accusation against China.

Though, one thing is for sure. The Chinese will miss Google services like hell.

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