Google Maps Gets Integration With 20 Car Brands

Three years ago, Google experimented the Send to Carservice of Google Maps with BMW. On today’s date, more than 20 brands support the Send-To-Car option for Google Maps. That’s a fantastic news for both the drivers and automotive industry.

If you are in US and own a Ford, Lincoln, Mercury enabled with Ford Sync, you can now send business listings or addresses found on Google Maps directly to your car. Other brands are also down the line, some of the very popular being Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, GMC, Hummer, Pontiac, Saab to name a few.

Watch the following video to see the GM Service in action

With the Send to Carservice enabled, drivers can use their car maker’s navigation system to be guided to their selected destination. What’s interesting to note is that drivers can send selected destinations from Google Maps to their connected vehicles in 19 different countries !

This is a really useful feature, if you don’t know the route to some place in an unknown city, you can use Google Maps to your advantage. Browse through Google Maps on your computer or mobile, prepare the route and send it to your car. Not only your ride will be hassle free, you don’t have to stop the car in every signal and ask passers by about the correct route to your destination.

[Via Google latlong ]

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