Google Maps Now Shows Walking Directions

Google Maps is a great tool to find directions while traveling, but for many like us who do not own cars, those directions would not always be the best one. Well though the destination may be the same, directions for driving also includes conditions such as one ways and more, giving you a curved route rather than a shorter one which you can cover by walking.

That said we definitely have one more reason to love Google Maps even more, with the introduction of Walking directions. Walking directions as the name suggests will be quite useful for people who want to walk to their destinations.


You can tell Google Maps that you want walking directions, and we’ll try to find you a route that’s direct, flat, and uses pedestrian pathways when we know about them. Just get directions as you normally would. If you’re going 10 km or less (some call this Google Maps,google walking directions,walking directions,get directions,google,maps,directions