Google Maps Adds Support For Shortlinks

One of the problems of sharing a Google Maps location with someone is its incredibly long URL, containing all the parameters e.g latitude, longitude, search terms, long strings of numbers and so on. It looks very bad on your email signature / newsletter and novice users often have no idea what this link is all about. Seeing the long URL of a Google Maps location, some users may get the feeling that you’re spamming them.

Of course, you can use, or any other URL shortening service to shorten the URL of a location on Google Maps but here is some good news.

Google has officially rolled out support for URL shortener in Google Maps. Now you can obtain the shortened link to a Google map using the linkbutton at the top right corner of the page, as shown below:


By default, Google Maps will show you the long URL of the selected location but choosing the Short URLcheckbox will shorten the long URL to a sweet That’s far better, easy to memorize and far more readable.

This feature is only available on the web version of Google maps as of now, while Android users have to wait for the next update of Google Maps app for Android.

The short URL for Google maps also works on Place pages, but the sad news is that there is no way to get a customized short URL for your Google maps place page. For example: If you sell black hats in California and want to generate a short URL for your Google maps business page at, you are out of luck.

Actually, this is in a way good and keeps away spam. Allowing the option to customize the ending characters in the short URL would lay the welcome mat open for spammers. No one wants to click a link that has the word restaurant in it and land in to the address of an SEO firm.

Google says that this is part of their effort to increase trust among users.

We only use to send you to Google web pages, and only Google Maps can generate a URL. This means that you can visit a a shortcut with confidence, and always know you will end up on a Google Maps page.

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