Google Map Maker Brings Out the Cartographer in You, Takes another Step towards Crowdsourcing

Google Map Maker has taken a step towards a seemingly social mapping experience where users can edit maps to make them feature rich and add data for their neighborhoods onto maps. The service has been available for three years now, though it was launched in the US only today.

Today we announced Google Map Maker for the United States, enabling users to add their expert local knowledge to the map directly through this free online tool. Users often have the best and most up-to-date knowledge of the places that matter to them, and with Google Map Makernow available for 187 countries and regions around the worldwe’re working to make this information available to you and your customers.

The best thing about this self-mapping is that the process is curated to guarantee relevance and accuracy, and offloads the duty of keeping Maps fresh, to the user himself. At the end of the day, the user is the one who benefits completely from making these updates and changes. The changes will also appear on Google API Premier and Google Earth Pro once accepted. Clearly, all your changes will be seen by the world. This adds to the existing  list of places on Google Maps, increasing the visibility for previously unlisted local businesses automatically.

I am amazed to see how late Google has been in bringing the feature to Google Maps in the US, when the US is clearly one of the countries to get all Google features first. Surprisingly, it has been available in India for a longer time. You can try out mapmaker for Google at this URL.

More info is available here in this video- Google Map Maker.

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