Google’s Les Paul Guitar Doodle Is Awesome, And Here Is How You Can Play A Song On It

google-guitar-doodleTodays Google Doodle is without doubt the best Google doodle ever.

Go to and you have a working electric guitar, waiting to be strummed using your computer’s keyboard and mouse. Google is celebrating the 96th birthday of Les Paul the legendary American Jazz guitarist and the person to whom the famous Epiphone Lespaul electric guitar is credited.


Playing music on todays Google logo is pure fun. Hover your mouse over the strings and slide it down to strum the Guitar. Make sure your computer’s audio system is properly connected, otherwise you might miss the sound produced by the doodle.

The Guitar doodle also works with your computer’s keyboard, just hit the keyboard button once and press any alphabet (A-Z) or number to hear a unique tone. You can play Do Re- Mi in the sequence: QWERTYUI. Some sources have reported that the doodle also houses a small record button, which can be used to record your notes and you can simply copy the URL of the resulting page and share the piece music with anyone.

As for me, I was not lucky enough to find the record button and record the sequence of notes of a song. However, here is a keyboard sequence of a song which you can play on todays Google Doodle and surprise your friends

Play Titanic’s Title Track on The Les Paul Google doodle

I went crazy enough and recorded half a dozen songs, here is the notation for one of them:

The prelude:


Here are first two lines of the Song:

K KK K JK k JK L ; L

Sweet, isn’t it?

Playing Chords is also simple enough. If you know the grammar behind creating music, recall the base notes of a chord and you can play any chord by pressing the desired notes all at once.

For example: If you want to strum the C MAJOR chord, you have to hit the musical C E G notes which can be done by pressing the A D and G key on your keyboard. For the A MINOR chord, you have to play the musical A C and E notes which is achieved by hitting the A D and H keys simultaneously. There are two catches though. The doodle does not support multiple octaves, so you won’t be able to play a tune which has notes from multiple octaves. And neither any Sharp notesare supported so you can only play the C MAJOR scale which has all the base notes and no sharp notes in it’s scale e.g C#, D #, F#, G# and A #.

The following video shows how notes and chords work in the Les Paul Google doodle:

You have only 24 hours to check out this fascinating piece so don’t be late.

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