Google’s Les Paul Guitar Doodle Gets It’s Own Homepage

Google’s Les Paul Guitar Doodle Gets It’s Own Homepage

All right, all right. Google’s famous Les Paul Guitar doodle lives in eternity, just like Google’s Pacman doodle.

If you have missed our earlier story, Google’s Les Paul Guitar doodle featured a sweet electric guitar with strings and notes that can be played using your computers keyboard and mouse. U.S citizens were also provided an additional option to record songs and share their recordings using a Google Doodle shortlink.

Seeing the immense popularity, Google tweeted that they would be keeping the Les Paul doodle for one more day. Guess, one day was not enough!

Google has now put up a dedicated homepage for the Les Paul Google doodle, which is available and will be available round the clock, till the Internet lives.


Just as the Pacman Google doodle is still available at, the Les Paul   will continue to operate from it’s homepage. The only difference here is that the search box is missing from the Les Paul’s homepage which means you can’t search and play music at the same time. This is unlike Google’s Pacman doodle which lets you search as well as play the game from the same page.

Some Creative uses of Google’s Les Paul Guitar Doodle

Here are some songs recorded using Google’s Les Paul doodle:

Tell us your favorites in the comments section.

3 thoughts on “Google’s Les Paul Guitar Doodle Gets It’s Own Homepage”

  1. Is it possible to keep the logo, and the search engine at the same time?
    I would love to make it my homepage with the search function added :)

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